BGI Europe Seminars® Anterior Geometry Paris, France March 12–14, 2021 French/English eNotes and instruction

Dear Amazing Chiropractors,

BGI Europe Seminars® will be continuing our mission of “evolving the future of Chiropractic®,” with two types of Bio-Geometric Integration® teaching models. 

  1. In person seminars where both the theory and hands on applications will be taught in a 18 hour time frame consisting of two hour Friday evening presentation, 9 hours Saturday attendee adjusting followed by lecture, demo and hands-on instruction, 7 hours  Sunday lecture, demo and hands on instruction with attendee adjusting at the end of the seminar.
  2. BGIES Online, which consists of Bio-Geometric Integration® Theory presented in a combination of formats consisting of written, video, 3D augmented Reality, live webex classrooms and ability to schedule appointments with instructors. 

The format for each Geometry is situated into modules with testing at the end of each module. Upon completing a Geometry in order to complete the course as to be able to move ahead to the next Geometry scheduled hands on weekend playshops will be posted for several locations within the EU so that you may register to attend and complete the demo and hands-on aspects of the course. 

Hygienic & Sanitation Requirements

In order to best serve attendees to our seminars we seek comfortable and affordable locations that provide the perfect surroundings to present the science, philosophy and art that encompass  Bio-Geometric Integration®. By following this formula we are able to offer discounted pricing to students and first year Chiropractors. 

We also have to take into consideration regulations posted by state and regional health administrations who implement preventive hygienic measures which we all need to comply with. These measures  can and will determine attendee  parameters required for both enclosed and outdoor gathering for both commercial and noncommercial intentions which may dictate:

  •  The number of people
  •  Space size
  • Time schedule
  • Personal and group hygienic sanitation adherence  
  • Use and entry point requirements for  destinations for use of public transportation  

These are just a few of the particulars which can and will change without prior notice and may not be the same from one country(s) and region(s) to another.  Nonconformity with declared measures can and will subject both attendees, stewards and liaisons to penalties such as financial and limitation of personal freedoms for up to fourteen (14) consecutive days.

Our intent is to adhere to any and all measures presented from  any level of government which will allow us to  support “evolving the future of Chiropractic®,” by being present, current, and aware of measures and we will not allow attendees into situations that result in being not in accord with said measures.  We will offer a variety of Bio-Geometric Integration®  choices to Chiropractors who wish to learn and serve as they may in their practice.  Please visit the relevant  country link :

European Union, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom 

Currently Paris, France has the people gatherings both indoors or outdoors spaces.

This Seminar will begin with a limitation of 10 attendees. If you are are located in a country which has limited your travel options or you would have to serve time in quarantine upon your return we offer that you can register and indicate in the message space with PayPal that you would like the option of online Posterior Geometry Theory seminar. Please contact us with any questions or concerns via email:

Amy Burke D.C.

“The Anterior Geometry is related to organ systems, emotions and fluids.”

The Anterior geometry is related to organ systems, emotions and fluids. When we turn people over and begin to release the tensions stored in the anterior system we have access to areas of deep seated fears and insecurities that often produce extreme tension within the organ systems. As these patterns are released the functionality of the organ systems changes dramatically, people feel lighter and nimble within their bodies. Working in the anterior system, we have new access to the cranium in a which eases tension held in the frontal lobe, changing the way people make executive functioning decisions. We work in the throat, chest and abdomen, facilitating profound changes.  It is intense, but beautiful. It is amazing to watch people change and their emotional patterns shift through the access of the Anterior Geometry. 

We work extensively with the Anterior system when serving pregnant women and newborns. For anyone with a family practice or who hopes to serve pregnant women, understanding, and masterfully applying the clinical skills of the Anterior Geometry is a fundamental part of practice. 


Seminar Schedule

Friday: 19:30 – 21:30
Saturday: 08:00 – 19:00 (2 hr break)

Attendee adjustments before seminar.

Sunday: 08:00 – 16:00 (1 hr break)

Attendee adjustments at the conclusion of seminar

BGI Europe Seminars Terms and Conditions

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Chiropractor Registration Anterior Geometry March 12-14, 2021 Paris, France

Chiropractor Price: is extended to all graduates of Chiropractic colleges worldwide and are in practice beyond their first year. If you have graduated from any other medical school and are now attending Chiropractic college you too qualify for this price range. If you have any questions please email us at


Student Chiropractor Registration Anterior Geometry March 12-14, 2021 Paris, France

Chiropractic Student Price: is extended to all Chiropractic students currently attending Chiropractic college anywhere in the world. Upon registering you are required to email a scanned image of you current student identification. If you do not meet these specifications please do not register as a student. If you have any questions please email us at