BGI Europe Seminars Coronal and Tetrahedral Geometry December 10-12, 2021 Venice, Italy

Coronal Geometry

“The Coronal Geometry corresponds to matters of spirit.”

The fourth plane is the Coronal plane, which is a virtual plane of movement. It represents our connection to spirit, our essence, our being. When we release tension from this plane, people often go inward to expand their awareness of the divine. The shifts can seem very minimal from the outside, but the clarity and peacefulness that ensue are profound.
I wasn’t aware of the depth of the knowledge and awareness that could be cultivated by studying Bio Geometric Integration® when I began my chiropractic path nearly twenty years ago.

I sensed that there was more to chiropractic than moving bones and creating symptomatic relief. I knew it. The science and the philosophy that BGI® have given me, along with the incredible clinical applications, have shaped who I am and how I serve people in their healing process.

“Our Essence”

“Just as the complexity of our understanding of mathematics and geometry increases as we progress in our educational process, so does the understanding of the complexity of the geometry of the body.

Sue Brown, D.C.

“Our Being”

“ True sacred geometric forms never fixate or stagnate on one form. Instead they are actually in constant fluid transcendence and change (evolving or devolving) from one geometric form to another at their own speed or frequency. These ever evolving states of geometry mirror the constantly evolving nature of the human consciousness.”

Ronald Holt

Our Connection
to Spirit

The tetrad comprehends the principle of the soul as well as the corporeality: for they say that a living creature is ensouled in the same way that the whole universe is arranged according to harmony.


Dr. Amy Burke Why I teach and practice Bio Geometric Integration: Over the course of the last 20 years teaching chiropractors, chiropractic students, and corporate programs, I am often asked how decided to only practice, Bio Geometric Integration the way I do continue reading…..

Anterior and Posterior

Zoom into our friend Bonesey, where you can get up close and personal with the Coronal Tetrahedra. This is only one model we use in teaching this seminar there all the different models created for are lecture and within the eNotes all in 3D and Augmented Reality (AG) so you can place him in your room on your table, where ever.

Who is Bonesey!

Because the Posterior and Anterior Correlate areas are not perfect triangles and are not going through “empty space” when placed in a 3D model, the tetrahedra are not aesthetically geometrically perfect. The crux is that we cultivate our ability to feel the opposite geometry so as to grasp the depth of tracks that are not laying on the Posterior or Anterior surface. The concept of the tetrahedra explains the how and why we often perceive the Posterior tracks from the Anterior and vice versa. The 3D model allows us to see and understand, too, the organic fractal triangular nature of our structural geometry.
Amy Burke, D.C.

Coronal Seminar

The What, Where, When and How
of the weekend

Coronal Planes

Originally Sue Brown, D.C. laid out a rough schematic in which the Posterior geometry would be the primary plane we would address for the first few months of care, then it would shift to the Anterior.  As the Anterior geometry opened up and acquired self awareness and flexibility, we’d find more complex Posterior patterning show up. Then the Sagittal volumes and their patterns would emerge and dominate, releasing tension in the interplay between the relationship of the anterior and posterior geometries. Eventually the Coronal geometry, the distortions of the virtual planes of movement would show up, but it might take a LONG time.

The updated version is that it can take a long time, but it doesn’t have to. In general people who are fairly disconnected from their bodies have a lot of work to do in the physical planes, and the virtual plane involvement is less critical in the beginning. The rules and our expectation of a timeline and orderly process has dramatically shifted. Ironically, despite the unpredictability, the clarity is now so well constructed, that our expectations are irrelevant, because our ability to read the system has gotten so much better.   
In short, look for horses, not zebras AND expect the unexpected. 

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Why BGI® ?

Shayne Will, D.C. What BGI®
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Amy Burke, D.C.

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