BGI Europe Seminars In Person 2021-2022

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Why BGI®?

“I think Rubi Kaur described BGI®, ‘It was when I stopped searching for home within others and lifted the foundations of HOME within myself. I found there were no roots more intimate than those between a mind and body that have decided to be whole.'” ♥️

Maiju Karjalainen

It’s almost a week since I got back from Pantelleria. The memories have stayed with me this week in practice. BGI® desires a great amount of presence – not only physical presence but it asks something more. It asks for connection to self and the person or animals you lay your hands on. It’s the difference between a mechanical adjustment where you choose what they need vs their system leading the way. It’s a beautiful duet – their innate leads and we get to be the supporting act. What could be more beautiful?

Chérie Schofield Wright, D.C.

The best part of learning from Amy and Tara was the amount of humility in the room. There was no ego, only curiosity, collaboration, and encouragement. They are a breath of fresh air. The group was small, and we got as much individual attention as we needed. The best part of learning this work is that there is no rigidity. It’s not a technique, it’s an expansion of your knowledge of the body- you won’t have learned this in chiropractic school. I will go back into practice tomorrow and have multiple tools to implement with my clients. This is also the most self preserving seminar that I’ve ever attended. We started and ended on time, and had time to get to know one another and enjoy the experience. Overall totally amazing, and highly recommended!

Brittney Baggett, D.C. 


Even though I still liked chiropractic I had lost my inspiration somewhere along the way (literally on the way, when I was walking the camino de Santiago in Spain ;)). I still felt I wanted to work with people, help people help themselves. But there was no chiropractic technique that inspired me.. or lets say, what I thought was chiropractic suddenly didn’t inspire me anymore. I wanna inspire people. How could I do that without being inspired myself? I wanna work on energetic levels, with consciousness, with growth. I wanna address the CAUSE of the subluxation. WHY is it there? I could not imagine it was just nature or evolution being stupid. There had to be a different way. I could not imagine this was still going to be chiropractic. However, I didn’t know of any inspiring technique or method, not related to chiropractic, either. It was actually a kind of difficult period in my life. Would I find something? Or even invent something? Do something completely different? Or go back to what I thought was chiropractic? Then I came across BGI. And it inspired me beyond imagination. It just resonates so much and makes SO MUCH sense to me! This is what I wanna do! If this is chiropractic- awesome! I truely AM a chiropracTOR then! I’m excited about my profession again! I feel working with integration and individual growth is what my purpose is! I’m passionate about it and (in my opinion) that’s one of the things the world needs- people who LOVE what they do. Can’t wait to learn more about it!! Thank you so much!! 🙂

Inga Much