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BGI Europe Seminars® Tetrahedral and Coronal Geometry 17-19 May 2024 Castello Roncade Venice, Italy

Prerequisite: Completion of Posterior, Anterior,
Sagittal Geometry Seminars.

Coronal Geometry

“The Coronal Geometry corresponds
to matters of spirit.”

“The fourth plane is the Coronal plane, which is a virtual plane of movement. It represents our connection to spirit, our essence, our being. When we release tension from this plane, people often go inward to expand their awareness of the divine. The shifts can seem very minimal from the outside, but the clarity and peacefulness that ensue are profound.
I wasn’t aware of the depth of the knowledge and awareness that could be cultivated by studying Bio Geometric Integration® when I began my chiropractic path nearly twenty years ago.
I sensed that there was more to chiropractic than moving bones and creating symptomatic relief.
I knew it.
The science and the philosophy that BGI® have given me, along with the incredible clinical applications, have shaped who I am and how I serve people in their healing process.”


Friday May 17, 2024
09:00 Adjusting session
10:00 Tetrahedral & Coronal
Geometry Seminar begins

13:00 Two hour break
15:00-19:00 Seminar continues

Saturday May 18, 2024
08,00 Adjusting session
09,00 Tetrahedral & Coronal
Geometry Seminar begins
13,00 Two hour break
15,00-19,00 Seminar

Sunday May 19, 2024
08,00 Adjusting session
09,00 Tetrahedral & Coronal
Geometry Seminar begins
13,00 One hour break
14,00-16,00 Seminar ends


Castello Roncade

Villa Giustinian, Ciani Bassetti: The Castle is located in the center of Roncade, a city just minutes from the province of Venice and the Marco Polo airport. 
It is a majestic Renaissance complex, as well as the only pre-Palladian walled Venetian villa in which the Venetian agricultural tradition – specifically, the production of wines – is still present.
Upon completing your registration process, you’ll receive extensive information regarding your options for accomodations at the Castle.

Amy Burke

Bonesey Posterior /Anterior Tetrahedrals

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