Coronal Geometry Shift Happens!

Coronal Geometry, SHIFT HAPPENS!

Upper and Lower extremities

Pelvic Coronal Planes PCPs

Coronal Cranial Planes CCPs

Viewing & Editing note: the CCPs has always been such a complicated image to create as to match all aspects of perception for the BGI’er. All images conveyed in the teaching over the last 25 years have always been 2D which really diminished the ability to connect with the practitioner’s mind’s eye. Bonesey has allow us to achieve an incredible leap forward toward the presentations of planes and volumes such to really assist in the anchoring of confidence with planes and volumes. This really is a great AR if you have a iPad or Tablet if not I would suggest to use the desk or laptop for viewing the phone does not do the image justice and the pixel total pushes many display limits. When playing with this I suggest to position your view starting Posterior view inferior to the cervical and zoom upward into the Cranium. Anterior view best is inferior to the Facial correlates and then zoom in upward into the Cranium. On of the tricks with 3D is not only to zoom in and pan 365 degrees but also to start from the center and pan and spin all around as you zoom out. Have Fun!

Coronal, Posterior, Anterior Geometry all at the same time

Coronal ICCPs, SCCPs

Coronal UECPs, CCPs, PCPs, UECPs, LECPs