April 27-29, 2018 Hamburg, Germany ANTERIOR GEOMETRY with Extended Emphasis on PREGNANCY

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Stewarded by Amy Burke D.C.

Prerequisite of completion of BGI Europe Seminars Posterior Geometry seminar.

Please watch the video in the description to view the interior where the seminar is being taught.



Dr. Amy Burke Why I teach and practice Bio Geometric Integration: Over the course of the last 20 years teaching chiropractors, chiropractic students, and corporate programs, I am often asked how decided to only practice, Bio Geometric Integration the way I do continue reading…..

“The anterior geometry is related to organ systems,

emotion and fluids.”

The anterior geometry is related to organ systems, emotion and fluids. When we turn people over and begin to release the tensions stored in the anterior system we have access to areas of deep seated fears and insecurities that often produce extreme tension within the organ systems. As these patterns are released the functionality of the organ systems changes dramatically, people feel lighter and nimble within their bodies. It is intense, but beautiful. We work with the anterior geometry extensively when serving pregnant women and new mothers.

The BGI Europe Seminar Anterior Geometry module has been reformatted to include extra material as well as to allow ample time for palpation of the anterior system, new to most D.C.s. We will explore our ability to perceive far beyond the bony skeleton and the soft connective tissues, experiencing the quality and tone of each organ, resonance, emotional connections, the resonance of the fluids and how they differ from each other.

We also will spend a significant portion of the seminar dedicated to pregnancy, clinically relevant issues of pregnancy, birth, infancy and early childhood and how this work builds your practice.  A separate course eBook is provided based solely on Dr Amy Burke’s clinical experience with pregnant women, babies and families will be included for all participants along with separate eNotes containing Dr. Sue Brown Anterior Geometry theory. 

The Sagittal Geometry now is a separate seminar available after the completion of the Anterior Geometry. Dr. Burke clinical experience with the Sagittal geometry has lead her to develop this seminar dedicating the majority to “hands on” experience over 2 days rather then just the waning hours of the last day of Anterior Geometry. BGI Europe Seminars is the only area in the world where you can experience the level of instructions and clinical detail to both the Anterior and Sagittal Geometries we are so excited to share our knowledge helping evolve the future of Chiropractic.  

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Friday 7 PM – 10 PM

 Saturday 8 AM – 7 PM  (2 hours lunch break)

 Sunday    8 AM – 4 PM   (1 hour break)

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