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Promoting Potential not Fear

Do you believe that we are always right where we are supposed to be the moment we are supposed to be there to learn the lessons we are here to learn?

If we believe in Universal intelligence it has to be true for everything, right?

Even the subluxation?


While attending Life Chiropractic College West, the concept of subluxation made no sense to me because my understanding of Universal Intelligence and Innate Intelligence were incompatible with regard to their existence. Recent article: Vertebral Subluxation: Life West takes a standBasically, if we believe in Universal and Innate, in the exquisite and perfect orchestration of the body, why do subluxations exist?” Limitation of matter” seemed like a simplification of a very complex process.

Until I met Sue Brown, D.C. and was introduced to the Potential Energy Theory of Subluxation.

Subluxation is not outside of Universal Intelligence, it isn’t apart from innate: there is a reason for everything including subluxation. Traditionally we have explained subluxation as a limitation of matter, yet I believe it best serves our profession to look at subluxation as an opportunity rather than a limitation.

Close your eyes, imagine the times in your life that were the hardest, the most difficult, the most challenging. Can you also see that those experiences are the very ones that have best served you in your growth, in you becoming who you are today?

Subluxations aren’t there as a mistake, a failure, an inability of the body, rather, they are an opportunity, an opportunity to integrate an experience that for whatever reason your body was unable to completely metabolize. Because we are exactly where we are supposed to be in order to learn the lessons that will serve our growth and evolution, our body, our energetic system,  held onto it. It retained the resonance of that experience so that when you were in a situation where it could be integrated, you could do that. Once that frequency is fully integrated, you don’t have to keep living it in different ways in order to learn that lesson: it is done.

Subluxations are Not the Enemy

How does a subluxation look in practice?

The person who comes in with “a bad hip” or a bum knee, or the person tells you that their lungs are their weak spot, their stomach, their liver, the person who complains incessantly about their life, their crappy job, their horrible boss (even though they have had seven bosses since you have met), their sad love life, whatever it is, that CAN CHANGE. As we release the subluxation tracks related to each of those examples, the lesson learned in that experience is allowed to integrate into that person’s physical reality as well as their consciousness. That lesson is complete.

The result?

My ankle doesn’t twist when I try to exercise any more and I have started to lose the weight I have been accumulating for years.”

I quit my job! I finally decided that I didn’t want to sit at a desk working for someone else to make their dreams come true for the rest of my life.

I am getting married!

I used to suffer debilitating irritable bowel syndrome, I knew where every public bathroom in the city was, because no matter what I ate or what my mood was, I could suddenly need a bathroom anywhere immediately. I was afraid to leave the house. This was twenty years of my life. After a few weeks of care I forgot that sense of dread. How could I have forgotten something that tormented me daily for twenty years in a few weeks? I still can’t believe it.

I got my driver’s license! You probably don’t know that driving has always been my greatest fear. I decided to do something about it! I now am a licensed driver!!!!!!!!!!!

I am pregnant! After years of struggling with infertility, I am pregnant. This one is sticking! I can feel it!!!!

These people are living completely different lives as a result of our care, as a result of releasing stored potential from their system in the form of a subluxation track. My role as the chiropractor is to release potential rather than detect and eliminate killer subluxations. Subluxations are not the enemy, they are a portal for growth and transformation. It is easier to sell fear than potential, but this is a challenge I accept willingly.

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