Welcome to BGI® online.™

Why BGI® online.™?

Our BGI® online.™ courses allow you to enjoy total freedom. You can choose when you want to learn a unit, choose from where you’d like to learn, whether home, the beach or your cabin in the woods with awesome WiFi. Absolute flexibility! BGI® online.™courses provide extremely thorough introduction and understanding to the basic concepts of Bio Geometric Integration® Theory without having to close your practice, travel, miss your kid’s musical recital or even get dressed, for that matter! 

Who can register for the courses and what are the Prices?

Bio Geometric Integration® is specifically and exclusively designed Chiropractors and Chiropractic students.
Investment: Chiropractors € 475,00 Chiropractic Students €275.00. (Chiropractic Students will need to submit an image of their current Chiropractic School ID prior to registration)
We will initially offer the course at a special price. At the end of any BGI® online™ course, you’ll find a payment box with a discounted price for an upcoming “inPerson” BGI Europe Seminars® course of the same Geometry.

What kind of content is offered?

The Bio-Geometric Integration® theory courses are presented in 7 units per Geometry, each filled with our “inPerson” eNotes, customized video explanations, video demonstrations, quizzes, visual aides and BONESEY. It’s is an unique online version of our “inPerson” courses absent the hands on, and the amazing company of other chiropractors. I KNOW that is your favorite part, it is mine too. I do, however, love learning chiropractic in a variety of ways.
Not having to deal with travel and shenanigans at the moment is of a great and unexpected value!

How Long does it take to complete the course?

Well, that depends entirely on you and how fast you choose to learn from the units. We feel it will take about 24 hours of course interaction in total, but there’s no need to rush. You have 12 weeks from the time you start to the expiration of the course. 24 hours! That counts as 12 CPD credits for most European countries. You’ll get a certificate of completion for the BGI® online.™course. At the end of any BGI® online™ course, you’ll find a payment box with a discounted price for an upcoming “inPerson” BGI Europe Seminars® course of the same Geometry.

What if the date for the “inPerson” seminar does not work for me?

Not a problem just send us an email: bgieuropeseminars@gmail.com informing us about another date you would prefer to attend a corresponding geometry “inPerson” seminar and we will send to you an registration invoice for the seminar date.

Who is Bonesey?

Bonesey is an amazing 3D Augmented Reality (AR) learning tool. We are are constantly “evolving the future of Chiropractic®.”
Bonesey allows us to bring to life the static two dimensional images that were used for well over two decades. Initially this was sufficient as it fit the standard black and white text and images of most school books in the late 90s. Today people are far more visual in their learning abilities, so we started by updating the seminar notes with color and 3D static images.

We have revolutionized the Correlate Geometry and the Skeletal images into 3D 360 degree views of all the geometries with easy to access QR codes. You can activate the Augmented Reality so the images jump off the page onto your table or on your client on the table. We know that if we can help you to see in your mind the beauty and contours of the human body along with the correlate geometry, you will be able to feel it with your hands.

Would you like to have a customized version of BONESEY for your own practice? Send a note with your ideas Subject: Let’s Talk bgieuropeseminars@gmail.com

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