BGI Europe Seminars®

BGI Europe Seminars®

“Evolving the Future of Chiropractic®”

Bio~Geometric Integration® Foundations

Our foundation courses cover the four basic planes:
Posterior, Anterior, Sagittal and Coronal.
The seminars must be completed in this order,
though you can always go backwards. 
Immersed in chiropractic philosophy that will simultaneously ground
and challenge the participants,  the seminars are largely, “inPerson”, hands on
as to enrich any practice or technique.
We also offer and have incorporated into the Posterior and Anterior Geometry
seminars BGI® online™ courses.

Amy Burke D.C.

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Posterior/Anterior Geometry Theory & Clinical Application

Sagittal Geometry Theory “Volumes & Spirals”Clinical Applications Seminars

Coronal & Tetrahedral Geometry Theory & Clinical Applications Seminars

Maiju, Animals Adjusting with BGI® Intro Level

BGI® online.™
Posterior and Anterior

Geometry Theory Courses

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