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BGI Europe Seminars®

BGI® : is a tool, a language to explain and promote the connection between
the chiropractor’s expression of Innate Intelligence and that of the person
who seeks skilled and nuanced chiropractic care.

Our foundation Geometry courses cover
the four basic planes:
Posterior, Anterior, Sagittal and Coronal.

The seminars must be completed in this order,
though you can always go backwards. 
Immersed in chiropractic philosophy that will simultaneously
ground and challenge the participants,  the seminars
are largely, “inPerson”, hands-on
as to enrich any practice or technique.
We also offer and have incorporated into the Posterior and Anterior Geometry
seminars BGI® online™ courses.

Posterior and Anterior Geometry Online and inPerson Seminars
2023/2024 Schedules

Sagittal Geometry “Volumes and Spirals
inPerson Seminars
2023 Schedules

Coronal and Tetrahedral Geometry
inPerson Seminars
2024 Schedule

Maiju BGI and Animals
inPerson “Hands-on Experience”
2023 Seminars

Builders of the Field (BoF’s)
inPerson Discounted Seminars
2023 Schedules

BGI Europe Seminars® Posterior Geometry Theory for Chiropractors and Students of Chiropractic
BGI® online™

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