BGI Europe Seminars®

BGI Europe Seminars® "inPerson" Dates
BGI Europe Seminars®
Bio-Geometric Foundation Courses

Our foundation courses
cover the four basic planes:
Posterior, Anterior, Sagittal and Coronal.
The seminars must be completed in this order, though you can always go backwards. 
Immersed in chiropractic philosophy that will simultaneously ground
and challenge the participants,  the seminars are largely, “inPerson”, hands on
as to enrich any practice or technique. We also offer BGI® online™ courses.

BGI Europe Seminars® "inPerson" Dates
BGI® online™ courses

Join Us: Posterior Geometry Theory BGI® online.™
“BGI Europe Seminars® is ‘evolving the future of chiropractic®‘,
by blending modern quantum understanding of energy and
matter, force, and intelligence with traditional chiropractic philosophy.”
~Amy Burke D.C.
BGI Europe Seminars® Your Guides to Chiropractic Excellence

Amy Burke D.C.

Owner BGI Europe Seminars®, Lead Stewart

Amy Burke, D.C. is a seasoned health professional owner of practices in both the United States and Europe. She has 22 years experience in clinical practice as a chiropractor and has taught Bio Geometric Integration® to chiropractors and students in the United States and Europe for over 20 years. An honors graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, she then graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West in 1999.
Clinical experience, entrepreneurial savvy and a commitment to heart based learning make Amy a treasured resource. Amy owns BGI Europe Seminars® and maintains two offices in Italy Salutepnl located on the island of Pantelleria and Chiropratica Serenissima located in Venice.
Amy has recently been seen on the stage at the 2020 BACS conference, MileHigh’s virtual Art of Chiropractic Summit, and 2020 & 2021 BCC’s virtual and live Lyceum.

Languages: Italian
Spanish, French and English

Valerie Pennacchio, B.S., D.C.

Advising Steward

Valerie Pennacchio, B.S., D.C. is a lecturer and was a professor of the Philosophy Department Chair at Sherman College of Chiropractic, USA, an Associate Professor at Foundations Division, Palmer College of Chiropractic, USA and Philosophy Department Chair, Dean of Clinical Education and Vice President at New Zealand College of Chiropractic. She privately practiced as a chiropractor in Spartanburg, SC, USA for ten years. Currently she is Vice Principal and Professor at Mc Timoney College of Chiropractic and resides in Abingdon, Oxfordshire where she continues teach and work as a practicing chiropractor.
Valerie studied her Pre-Health Science (PHS) degree at Spartanburg Methodist College (USA), Doctor of Chiropractic Degree (DC) (Summa cum Laude) at Sherman College of Chiropractic (USA) and then completed her BSc degree at Excelsior College (NY, USA). Valerie has been part of the BGI Staff since its inception, and is also a BGI Master

Anna Sallares

Liaison Barcelona,Spain

Anna Sallares graduated from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in 1996 with Bachelor’s degree in Humanities, she is a graduate of Barcelona College of Chiropractic (2011-2016). Owner of withAnna Quiropràctica
Languages: Catalan, Spanish, French and English

Déborah Vom Scheidt, DC

Liasion, France

Déborah Vom Scheidt, DC , graduated in 2012 from the 
Franco-European Institute of Chiropractic (IFEC). 
She has since participated in many seminars, especially on energy care. 
Her work is based on gentle techniques and a very emotional approach to address imbalances in the body, whether physical, chemical or mental. Her office she shares with her brother since 2012 Chiropractic Care Strasbourg
Outside of her office, Deborah is also a Yoga teacher and regularly gives workshops, she follows 
therapeutic yoga training. 
Languages: French and English

Maiju Karjalainen

Liaison: Animal Adjusting with BGI®

Maiju Karjalainen holds a Master of Chiropractic from Barcelona Chiropractic College (2018), additionally graduated from
the BackBone Academy with a degree in Veterinary Chiropractic and is licensed with Valvira. Her office, Atlas Kiropraktikka located in Provo opened in 2020 where she serves animals and people with soft spoken and sensitive Chiropractic care using the BGI® approach.
Languages: Finnish, German, English and Spanish.

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Animals with Maiju 17-19 June 2022 Provo, Finland

Why BGI®?

How are you? I just want to thank you for introducing me to BGI®, it is a very special approach and way to give chiropractic to others.
A patient went to me, she is 26, with very big low back pain, a really antalgic position since November 2016.
After 4 “Classic adjustments” like SOT, adjustments, BEST, she was better but the antalgic position was still there And the pain present in some positions or movements.
Then I went to Paris. So I introduced BGI® in my work. And after just One time, she was really better after. I did 3 adjustments with BGI® in the protocol. Now she is without pain, the antalgic position is gone and she loves chiropractic… Me too!!!
I want to thank you because with this approach I can help my patients in a more profound manner.
Maybe for you is current, but for me was very clear how much BGI® can give more to me And to patients!
So thank you!
Lot of love for you!
-sorry For my English, is not really perfect 😅-

Martina Gambacciani, D.C.

Questo seminario è stata una ventata di puro ossigeno dopo tanto, troppo tempo trattenendo il fiato, non mi rendevo conto che mi stavo asfissiando, e non me ne sono reso conto fino a venerdì quando vi ho visti e le vostre energie mi hanno risvegliato dal letargo in cui ero.

BGI® per me è diventato casa, amore puro, esponenziale e frattale, provo amore per me, che si riflette sia in ogni atomo che mi compone sia nell’universo che mi circonda.

Questo seminario ha tracciato una linea tra prima e il dopo in questo momento della mia vita, e te ne sono e sarò eternamente grato.

Grazie anche a Peter per la sua simpatia, le conversazioni super interessanti e i piatti buonissimi che ci ha preparato, si sentiva l’amore ad ogni boccone!! 🤤

Grazie di tutto, davvero e non vedo l’ora di riunirci di nuovo tutti assieme.

Mattia Muschio Bianchi

Almost 4 years ago I decided to take a BGI Europe Seminars®, not very sure that those ‘energies things were for me’…
It started on a Friday evening where Amy Burke completely changed my perspective on chiropractic! Man, what she was saying made so much sense, no one ever explained the beauty of chiropractic in that way!!
I was a bit skeptical at the beginning but by the end, the seminar resulted being probably the best one I had ever attended so far! I will never forget the adjustment session on the last day! That was truly a life changing moment and I’m so grateful for that! I was in my 3rd year in Chiropractic school and I remember that I thought that if one day I would have been able to change the life of a person as that magic moment did to me, I would have been the happiest chiropractor in the world!
I can’t recommend enough attending a BGI Europe Seminars®! BGI® is not a technique and the beauty about this is that you can apply it to whatever technique/style you are already using!!!

Sara Presazzi

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