BGI Europe Seminars

“Length of time depends upon our ideas. Size of space hangs upon our sentiments. For one whose mind is free from care, A day will outlast the millennium. For one whose heart is large, A tiny room is as the space between heaven and earth.”                                                                                                                   Saikontan (Vegetable Roots Talks), Yuhodo, Tokyo, 1926


“BGI Europe Seminars is evolving the future of chiropractic by blending modern quantum understanding of energy and matter, force, and intelligence with traditional chiropractic philosophy.”

       Amy Burke D.C.

Our Seminars

     BGI Europe Seminars foundation courses cover the four basic planes: Posterior, Anterior, Sagittal and Coronal. The seminars must be completed in this order, though you can always go backwards.  Immersed in chiropractic philosophy that will simultaneously ground and challenge the participants,  the seminars are largely hands on and will enrich any practice or technique.


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Join Us: Posterior Geometry

The first of our seminars. It relates to posture, structure, to our physicality and is represented by the element earth. 

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Join Us: Anterior Geometry

The second of our seminars. It relates to organs and emotions,  to fluids and rhythm. It is represented by the element water. 

Sagittal Geometry 2white blue shadow reflected centered2

Join Us: Sagittal Geometry

The third of our seminars. Sagittal volumes relate to the physical relationship between posterior and anterior planes, bringing a depth and sense of volume and space to the work. It is often connected to relationships, both general and specific,  as well as belief systems.  The sagittal geometry is represented by the element air. 

Kees and Ritan Fire element

Join Us: Coronal Geometry

 The fourth of our seminars series. Coronal Geometry is a virtual plane which addresses our ability to move in space, and it is the plane in which spirit and the sacred reign. Covering the Tetrahedrons brings a new dimensions to the previous geometries and uncovers the fractal nature of the subluxation tracks and related distortions. It is represented by the element fire.

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Brilliant Minds of BGI

Sue Brown, D.C., founder and developer of BGI, said that she knew her work would be carried on by its stewards. She was also acutely aware and spoke often about the fact that there was much more to the work and that it would be up to each of us to enrich the content and context of BGI with our own skills sets, passion and wisdom.  Our Brilliant Minds of BGI Series does just that, featuring chiropractors with a wealth of experience and knowledge, each with a unique perspective and voice. They have integrated, assimilated and transformed the concepts of BGI and made them their own.


Katina & Amy Multidimensional Osseous Adjusting Seminar

Join Us! Valerie Pennacchio Toggle Recoil Seminar

Lou Corleto “Speaking From Your AuthenTIC Voice”