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Participation in activities

The number of places for participants is limited; unless stated differently, registrations are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. We will not honor any registrations reserved, deposited upon or paid-in-full to any second or third party entities.

The fee applicable to each activity is clearly indicated on the PayPal payment button. Unless stated differently on the PayPal button description, payment includes limited right of use to; course eManuals and eNotes via electronic format, said are, able to be viewed via 3,4,5G cellular, WiFi, or any other Internet connection, they are, printable not downloadable as well as, password protected and are non transferable, access is limited to 10 days prior to an activity up and until 72 hours from the scheduled end of the activity. Any and all certification documentation of participation to completion are provide specifically for the Foundation Seminar Activities and state 18 hours of C.P.D. credits which are only applicable within the European Union.  The fee does not include participation in the activity, meals and beverages during or after the activity in any social evening event or (if applicable) a annual planned destination activity .

Travel and accommodation costs  such as but not limited to: air, train, bus or car(personal, rental, taxi or Uber) travel expenses, hotel, motel, AirBNB, or any overnight accommodations, are at the expense of the participant or his/her administration.

Pre-payment of the registration fee in full is a condition for participation in an activity. Activities can be paid by PayPal or bank transfer. When activity has completed or upon request you will receive receipt with an Marco da Bollo fee upon it.

BGIEUS does not assist you in making your hotel booking. There are some activities where BGIES  will prearrange hotel group bookings. As in all situations of accommodations participants need to pay the hotel directly and personally. Costs resulting from cancellation or “no-show” are also at the participants’ expense.

General Terms and Conditions

Please see the General Terms and Conditions for the provision of services by BGIES, please check the separate document.

Cancellation policy

For administrative reasons you will be charged €150 for cancellations received within 14 days before the activity begins. There is no charge for qualified third party substitute participants.

BGIEUS reserves the right to cancel the activity up to 2 weeks before the starting date. In that case, registration fees received will be fully reimbursed. BGIEUS accepts no responsibility for any costs incurred (travel, accommodation, etc.). Specific details please review: Terms & Conditions

The mention of Host(s) and Steward(s) name(s) liaison(s) in the program(s) does not commit BGIEUS. In the event that an announced Host(s) meeting space or Steward(s) does not appear, BGIEUS will do its utmost to find a suitable replacement.

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