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Bio Geometric Integration Envelopes the Whole Body…

My experience in chiropractic offices before I was introduced to BGI was fairly consistent. Lie down, thoracic adjustment, on your side, pelvic adjustment, other side sacrum, and on your back, then a cervical adjustment. The experience was always filled with smiles, genuine caring, and a connection that was unlike any other health care office I had ever visited. I was, however, left with a lot of questions that didn’t make sense to me in terms of the philosophy and science of chiropractic. When I was introduced to BGI in 1999, I was able to find pieces that had been missing for me in the chiropractic story and practice for years.The BGI model envelopes the whole body.

“The posterior geometry is related to foundation, to our physicality.”

Many chiropractors exclusively practice in this realm. Extraordinary changes can and do occur as we facilitate the release of stored tension in the posterior system. As people begin to heal physically, the way they interact with their families, their work, their passions changes, because they feel better. They have more energy to “do” their life.  

“The anterior geometry is related to organ systems, emotion and fluids.”

The anterior geometry is related to organ systems, emotion and fluids. When we turn people over and begin to release the tensions stored in the anterior system we have access to areas of deep seated fears and insecurities that often produce extreme tension within the organ systems. As these patterns are released the functionality of the organ systems changes dramatically, people feel lighter and nimble within their bodies. It is intense, but beautiful. We work with the anterior geometry extensively when serving pregnant women and new mothers.  

“Sagittal geometry corresponds to relationships: with other people, one’s work, one’s environment and to innate core belief systems.”

The sagittal system is made up of the volumetric spaces of the anterior and posterior geometries.Tension in the sagittal system is often visualized via postural analysis. This corresponds to relationships, whether to other people, one’s work, one’s surroundings, how one relates within and to their environment, as well as to innate core belief systems. Many changes that occur when working with the sagittal volumes are life changing. “I have just completed the task that I have most feared and resisted as an adult.” “I got, my driver’s license!!!” “This might seem like not a big deal, but to me it is the most intense decision and greatest accomplishment.” “Something deep has changed, I can’t quite describe it, but I feel like I am able to become a mother now. I haven’t ever been able to connect to that part of me before.” “I left my job to write my novel.” “I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I ended it.” It, in these cases can be a relationship, a way of thinking, anything that does not allow for the person to fully expand onward. The sagittal system also plays into the opening of the spiral movement and energy patterns.

“The coronal geometry corresponds to matters of spirit.”

The fourth plane is the coronal plane, which is a virtual plane of movement. It represents our connection to spirit, our essence, our being. When we release tension from this plane, people often go inward to expand their awareness of the divine. The shifts can seem very minimal from the outside, but the clarity and peacefulness that ensue are profound.

I wasn’t aware of the depth of the knowledge and awareness that could be cultivated by studying Bio Geometric Integration when I began my chiropractic path nearly twenty years ago. I sensed that there was more to chiropractic than moving bones and creating symptomatic relief. I knew it. The science and the philosophy that BGI have given me, along with the incredible clinical applications, have shaped who I am and how I serve people in their healing process.  

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Amy Burke, D.C. is a seasoned health professional. She is a chiropractor with over 18 years experience in clinical practice and has taught Bio Geometric Integration to chiropractors and students in the United States and Europe since 2000. An honors graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, she graduated with Doctor of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West. Before becoming a chiropractor she worked as a massage therapist for ten years. Her practice has shifted from working predominantly with pregnant women and infants to include a large base of seniors. Her clients have benefited greatly from the gentle care she provides based on the principles of Bio Geometric Integration. She currently resides, practices and organizes and facilitates healing retreats on the island of Pantelleria, Italy. To contact Amy to set up a seminar, a speaking engagement, practice consulting or to plan your self care healing retreat, email her at

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