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Bonesey Posterior & Anterior Tetrahedral Geometry

Meet Bonesey!

BGI Europe Seminars® is evolving the future of chiropractic. It’s not just our tagline, it’s not only our philosophy, We’ve got a whole new way to teach and help you learn! How? Meet Bonesey! 
Bonesey was developed and designed to be our exclusive BGI Europe Seminars® 3D model and assistant. Bonesey will be helping us teach in many ways. We finally have a tool that we can program to show us what we have always felt with our hands. This is just the beginning of our relationship with Bonesey. Soon Bonesey will be helping us in virtual seminars, too.
We are really excited for you to play and discover the geometry in new ways and depths. Bonesey can be in many places at once, including your office, to help you explain what you feel and do when you put your hands on people.
We are so excited for you to meet.  
Amy Burke, D.C.

Some of the features of Bonsesey, depends on the device you are using. Apple and Android systems have access to one of the features we feel will really bring Bonesey into the classroom as well as in your office literally. You see the AR symbol on the upper right hand side of the screen click on it and you can use your phone or iPad to read the QR code that will pop up. if you do not have the app it will use factory installed (most Apple devices do) then follow the instructions to load the app if you desire. The result is that Bonesey will be placed anywhere in the room on your screen. And additional commands to zoom in or hover over or around bonesey will have pop up bubbles to inform you. Take your time to watch and see how the geometry and volumes change per angle of your view. Drill down and you will be amazed at what you will find. Bonesey will very soon be moving and we will have the ability to create tracks and he will respond accordingly to the tension pattern, so stay tuned.

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