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Lucie Tatarová – “fraktálové”

“We are all intertwined, interconnected,a reflection of the infinite fractal nature of the relationships in the heavens on earth.”

I know this to be true.
Every so often I KNOW this to be true. Those are the moments that stick with me forever: when intellectual understanding becomes clear on a cellular level as an indisputable truth.
I am frequently exasperated by “the news. ” Systemic injustice,  abuse of power,  lack of foresight leading to pain,  loss,  devastation.  It hurts me on a profound level.  So much so that I often ignore what is happening beyond my little insular world.  I vacillate between an expanded awareness of world and community events and a contracted reality where I am concerned only with what affects me and mine.
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  That then shifts to an expanded awareness of the microcosm of my breath,  my footsteps,  the patterns beneath my hands, which then reconnects me to the awareness of how a disconnect,  a lack of continuity on the person I am serving on the table creates a lack of full expression,  which,  on a community level is a kid not able to come to school because of family problems,  or a town council not putting up a stop sign because of private interests being put before the public good and or on a global level, war is incessant and suffering is a norm.  From innocent gossip to character assassination to slander to actual assassination… Chaos theory teaches us that even things that seem unimportant will have a tremendous effect when examined from afar.  It all begins with a disconnection, a feeling of separation and suffering. Everything matters.
The chiropractic adjustment is a release of stored potential in the system. The release and then integration of that previously stored potential allows shift and change to occur in the biochemistry,  the electromagnetic field,  the emotional processing,  the musculoskeletal system,  posture,  the cognitive processing and, in short, changes who the person is and how they function in their world.
Every adjustment we make is fractal.  While we may perceive it most easily in the physical structures,  it is critical that we KNOW that the lives of everyone connected to the individual will be affected. Establishing continuity in the body creates integrity in relationships, in community, and in global affairs.

We may never know,  as BJ Palmer said,”

“How far reaching something we may think, say, or do today will effect the lives of millions tomorrow.’ ‘But at least we must KNOW the infinite potential.”

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