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Monday September 16, 2019 Sacred Geometry in Barcelona

“Form does not necessarily follow function”, Antonio Gaudi

Dear Friends, 

We are so delighted that you are with us for this momentous occasion and for those of you who have chosen to stay on and be tourists with us, we are doubly so. While I have had the fortune to travel all over Europe teaching, too often, I am on the first plane out, with little opportunity to notice, or celebrate, what makes each city different from another. 

Barcelona seemed an easy place to start. It has been BGI Europe’s home since the early years AND the presence of sacred geometry is undeniable. The Sagrada Familia is different from any other church I have ever entered. The museum echoes tenets that are close to our hearts as chiropractors. The presence of nature, of spirit, and of iterations of each that fill the visitors with desire and hope are undeniable. I am so happy to be able to see these as a group, further building the field that radiates from within and surrounds us in an ineffable form. 

Fractals will be an important theme to the weekend and we will see them in each of the three excursions we will share. As above, so below. The repetition of structure and form with functional purpose. Thank you for choosing to spend this time with us. It is the most important non renewable resource we have. It is such a gift to share it together. 



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