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Speaking of Sagittals

In March of 2017  I was teaching a micro seminar in Barcelona, Spain. During the Friday evening presentation I explained that Sue Brown, D.C., the founder and developer or BGI, used to say that BGI 2 could really be taught in two separate seminars.I repeated the words that I had heard her say so many times. As I said it Adrian Larrain, a chiropractor who practices in the Basque Country said, "why don't we, then? I would love to do a whole seminar for the Sagittals."
By  David Jessop

In 1999, during the early BGI seminars, by the time we finished the Anterior Geometry,  I was already full. At a point of intellectual and experiential saturation, I then had to squish and stuff in the information for the Sagittal Volumes. It was actually representative, because the Sagittal Geometry is very much about how we squish ourselves, or how we allow ourselves to be minimized by others, not allowing the full expression of who we are in the world, in relationships, and in our physical expression. But it wasn’t a perfect way to understand and “get” the Sagittal Geometry.

I was a bit nervous, honestly, about dedicating a whole weekend to the Sagittal system. What I have discovered is that giving the Sagittal Geometry the space and time that it deserves makes the learning process a LOT easier to integrate and to allow the Sagittal patterns to express and release in a constructive way. Instead of experiencing the difficulty of learning the Sagittal system, the seminar has morphed into being a demonstration of how important it is to free the system of the Sagittal tension and how liberating that is. The change is wonderful.  

If you have been to past BGI 2 seminars and feel like the Sagittal system has never really gelled for you, I believe you. We are going to change that.

Please and Thank you in advance for your commitment to, “evolving the future chiropractic®,

Amy Burke, D.C. 

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