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Under Pressure

The compression which we have come to define as Sagittal tension can be defined in three ways. It feels either like someone has been pressed and left to stay in a vice, from front to back, as though they were squished between elevator doors from side to side, or as though they were wearing a too tight body suit, from head to toe.

If people you see in your practice aren’t coming into mind, notice people as they walk by next time you have a chance to sit at an airport or a park.  Sagittal patterns are pretty easy to spot once you know what you’re looking for. Each of these scenarios presents someone who either physically, or energetically, takes up less space than a person of their size and stature “should.”  
The pressure created by these sagittal distortions compresses the contents of the cranium, throat, thoracic cavity, abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity. Organs do not, simply cannot, function at their best when subjected to the pressure and distortions created by the Sagittal subluxation tracks which pull, tether and compress the entire system. When we begin to release the Sagittal geometry, people immediately comment on many changes they notice. 

“My digestion has become so much better. I don’t feel bloated or stressed about eating any more.” “It has become a completely different experience when I run. My lungs feel like they are twelve times bigger than before.” An opera singer came in before every audition because his vocal range dramatically changed after getting adjusted, often in the sagittal plane. His ability to breathe and hold notes increased, too. 

Just a few examples: “Headaches disappeared.” “My thinking has become much clearer and more precise.” “I can BREATHE!” “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it because my whole life is changing.”
“Do you think this work could have anything to do with the fact that my menstrual cycle has regulated for the first time in my life?”

The Sagittal geometry is about the relationship between anterior and posterior geometry, and, as such, people often note changes in the way they relate, to their work, to their family members, to their community, to their situation. It offers an opening to huge changes for people in your practice. Fluency and ease working in the Posterior and Anterior Geometry are important before accessing the Sagittal plane, so both are prerequisites. If you haven’t yet completed these, visit for our 2021 schedule. 

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