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Is that all?

When I teach I meet a lot of people who have never been exposed to BioGeometric Integration before. Many will ask if I ONLY use a light touch?
I have come to really love this question. It is an opening for some great stories. 
My grandmother was a generous woman who grew up in a working class family with upper class taste. 
One of my grandmother’s favorite TRUE stories that illustrated her world view went like this.  As a young married couple my grandparents purchased their first house. It either had no appliances or as they broke, they replaced them, I can’t remember exactly which, but I do remember that they needed to buy a stove. My grandfather gave her the money in the morning and she headed out to buy a stove. 

When my grandfather came home that night my grandmother excitedly lead him into the living room to see their purchase: a brand new PLAYER PIANO.  Her composure was lady like. She explained that she KNEW that if she had taken the money and bought the stove as planned she would have had a stove and no player piano.

                                                                                                                  Realistically, she would have had no player piano, ever, because NO ONE needs a player piano.

They really did NEED a stove. She understood that he would still give her the money for the stove. He did and she went o ff the next day and purchased the stove. The player piano was in their home until her death, and now, 25 years after that, it is still there.
When I was 16 my grandfather died and my grandmother suddenly had a bit more disposable income than she had ever had. She wanted to buy me something. I was just getting ready to start college. 

I needed a computer. Computers in 1989 cost about 2000$. She wanted to buy me a fur coat.  I didn’t want a fur coat, and, more importantly, in my opinion, I didn’t NEED a fur coat. Ultimately my grandmother gave me what I needed, rather than what she wanted me to have. I used the computer all the time, it served me, and I really appreciated having it. 

When asked if I only use light touch while adjusting, I explain that I will use whatever force application is appropriate for each subluxation track. If the stored potential for a specific track is in the soft connective tissue, as, in my 20 years of experience, most are, the ONLY appropriate force application is light touch. Otherwise it is like giving an electric doorbell system to someone who is homeless, a massive stuffed animal to a kid who lives on a boat, or like buying a player piano when you really need a stove (without the means to buy the stove the next day). 

It helps if the person asking this question has the opportunity to receive an adjustment where BGI principles are meticulously applied, because then they have had the experience of feeling how their body is able to perfectly use the light touch to unwind and release stored tension.If the potential is stored in the osseous tissue, the ONLY appropriate force application is an osseous adjustment. When this happens, it is one of those adjustments that is a melding of force, matter and and mastery. You are giving the person something that they can use, that they need, and what they want. It,too, is perfect. 

Applying an osseous force to a soft connective tissue subluxation track is not particularly useful. It is like scheduling a fireworks show every night so that you can have some light to read by after dark. It might be fun for the first few times, or even feel spectacular, but it isn’t really useful, and it is unlikely to meet the actual needs of the user. That is one of the reasons people come back time after time with similar listings, or complaints. When you provide people with what they need AND want, it changes everything. 

So, go ahead, ask me.

“Is that it? Is that all?” 

It is. 

It is because I am assessing the type of potential your body is ready to process and integrate. It is, because after that, I am introducing a force that is appropriate for your system, not more, not less. I am giving your body the exact input it needs in order to integrate this event which has been stored in your system as a subluxation, thereby releasing it and allowing it to become part of your physiology, your growth and your evolution. “You can’t always get what you want,’ but if you go to a chiropractor who applies BGI EU principles, ‘you just might find, you get what you need.”

Yes, that is “it,” and you are WELCOME

Amy Burke, D.C. is a seasoned health professional. She is a chiropractor with over 18 years experience in clinical practice and has taught Bio Geometric Integration to chiropractors and students in the United States and Europe since 2000. An honors graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, she graduated with Doctor of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West. Before becoming a chiropractor she worked as a massage therapist for ten years. Her practice has shifted from working predominantly with pregnant women and infants to include a large base of seniors. Her clients have benefited greatly from the gentle care she provides based on the principles of Bio Geometric Integration. She currently resides, practices and organizes and facilitates healing retreats on the island of Pantelleria, Italy.

To contact Amy to set up a seminar, a speaking engagement, consulting within your practice or to plan a self care healing retreat for you or your office, email her at

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